Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sewing for Baby

Over the weekend I finished a few more things for the new baby girl.   The pattern for the diapers wasn't easy to figure out, maybe I should have taken a few engineering classes when I was in school all those years ago.  Anyway, after a few frustrating starts I managed to do my version of the cloth diapers. We don't like the disposable diapers [did you know it takes 150 years for them to degrade in the land fills?].  My daughter and I have always used the cloth diapers and now days it is hard to find the plastic pants to go over them.   Thankfully, now someone developed the PUL waterproof fabric and we are good to go for the new little blessing.

These were my first ones.  Now on to some bigger sizes.

Insides are flannel with some cute patterns.


Pat from Florida said...

So sweet! Really cute! They don't call them plastic pants anymore, but diaper covers. You can find them online, but homemade is soooo much nicer!

Snippets of Carol said...

Thanks Pat, after I finally figured out the pattern wasn't so bad. But still cheaper to buy them already made.