Monday, May 7, 2012

New Baby Quilt

Last week I decided that I needed to start on this new grand baby's quilt even if he or she wouldn't let us know what colors to use. So my daughter and I decided to use the greens and browns that she has in her bedroom. The baby will be staying there for the foreseeable future.

So many patterns and layouts where out there and so many opinions were given that I chose to use combine some I liked and make my own.  Can you tell from this first picture what I am doing? Do you like the colors?

Further progress as I started cutting up the fabric.

And then put together with the nine patches and half triangles.  Can you figure it out?

You will have to wait to the next post.

1 comment:

Pat from Florida said...

You are off to a great start! I this going to be the pieced background for the Teddy Bear?

I have a hard time seeing brown for a baby, but I know lots of the mama's are doing that -- pink/brown, green/brown, yellow/brown, blue/brown.

One of the gals stitching this morning was working on an army green/brown camo baby afghan. So not baby. But the whole room is decorated that way. What the mama's want the mama's get!

I do like both brights and pastels for newborns, but brown??? I'll like it in 10 years when it's out of style I'm sure! Those big, wild, prints are starting to grow on me, LOL!