Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fun Station

My grand daughters came to visit me in my quilt/bedroom on Friday night and found me sewing.  They decided to play with the fabric and declared that this was the funnest room ever.  Hannah decided I needed a sign on the door saying that.  So she picked out different fabrics for each letter and the back ground out of their fabric box I had brought for them.

After I free cut the letters, they sewed them down with a zig zag stitch.  Both wanted to keep sewing and loved to work the machine. I wrote down all the steps on the wall board for them to follow:  pressure foot down, back stitch, Go, stop, back stitch, cut, snip and lift the pressure foot. Hannah got it quite fast.

Amber wanted to change colors after every letter and was good at the turns.
On Saturday, we finished it up, put a backing on, then Hannah sewed on rings to hang it up.  They were both very proud of themselves. Me too.

While Amber was sewing, Hannah decided to make some outfits for her beanie babies. I was quite surprised at the creative nature of them.

This is a wizard.
Then they decided to play with my dolls.

It was declared that it was truly a 'FUN STATION HERE'
I did threaten to put a 'CLOSED' sign on the other side, but was just kidding.