Monday, March 26, 2012

National Quilt Day Present

My Friendship Group had a  National Quilting Day Exchange. I received my gift yesterday.  I lovely hand made notebook in a pretty paisley print with a pen, pencil, and paper inside.  Also a felt purse, charm of the Eiffel tower, a bunny and some nice hand made cards.  A truly wonderful quilting day gift.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flimsy Friday Finish

When I went to my friend Pat's this week, I finished the binding on the bow tie runner and used some of her buttons to complete the the top. I was missing some of the colors but it sure is long on the table. However, when the family comes and I pull out both leaves in the table it will look nice.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

And the Winner IS

GREEN - The baby would not cooperate and had its little legs crossed very tightly with the cord in between.  So nothing showed no matter what the nurse tried to do to get him or her to move.  So we don't know yet.

Lucky Christine Z from Texas is the winner of the contest for this month.  We will try again next visit to see if this grand baby will let us know.  I think he/she is toying with us since we want to know this time.  Maybe we will have to wait to August and be surprised like the other times.  Tease Tease.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

National Quilt Day & Flimsy Friday

I actually started yesterday, Friday, on the bow tie quilt by sandwiching and did a few stitches on the machine. Planned on stitching in the ditch around the squares to start. However did not get as much done as I thought yesterday.

Today I had to bake as my three E's are coming for a visit. So got my bread done and then started on cookies and the chocolate cupcakes for Emma's 13th birthday tomorrow. Will post a picture later.

So got to finish the bow tie quilt from a 2009 swap with the Friendship group.  Here is the progress this afternoon. Managed to get the binding on and will do that later this week.  I plan to put a button in the middle of each bow ties.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Today I finished a mug rug for a friend in London.  She wanted to join in on the owl parade.  Her alma mater has burgendy for colors and owls as the mascot, so here she is.

And since she loves to travel I used this bright print on the back. Hope she likes it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Contest

If you have been following my posts you know that I am expecting a new grand baby this summer.  My daughter is eighteen weeks now and at the end of March we will have an ultra sound to determine what the sex is on this new blessing.

I am making two dear Jane quilts - one in civil war fabric and one in for my granddaughter Amber. I realized that I should put a pink and blue block in her scrappy dear Jane.

After I made them I thought why not a contest. So please enter your your vote. After the ultra sound is done I will randomly pick the winner from the right choice entries.  A nice half yard of fabric in the right color.  Please spread the word on your blogs and help me build up my followers.  Thanks you.

Block A - pink if you think its a girl

Block Blue if you think its a boy
Block C if you think the baby will not co operate and  they wont be able to tell.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Owls have come to Our house

My daughter is adding some decorations to the grand daughters room.   She is putting up blue and brown circles and stars on the walls.  And some blue and brown Owls. The girls are into owls.  So when I visited my friend Pat's local quilt store a few weeks ago I found this owl print.  I guess everyone is into owls this year. 

I purchased enough fabric to make each of the three girls a pillowcase for the new room.

So when I joined in the online quilt groups row by row swap again this year I decided to do Owls for my main theme.  The girls will either get a wall hanging or a quilt for their room.  Hope they aren't tired of owls before this is done.

This is my starter row.  It will be passed to six other ladies for them to add a row to the quilt.  It is winging its way to the first person on the list today but since they only fly at night it will be awhile until they come home again.