Saturday, April 21, 2012

Confused Retreat - Day 3

Today we got up late for a busy day here at Heritage Hills.  The club house allowed us to have an Upper Case Living [words for walls] party and it was hectic for the few hours we were there. Several people ordered so it kept Pat and I busy.  When we came home, Pat asked me to put up her expressions.

Sewing themes: and she has high, high walls and I had to get up on a really tall latter to  get them up.  She was a great assistant.
These were the two she wanted up. Then she wanted the heart chalk board by her sewing table. Unfortunately she cut the label off right out of the edge of the heart, so she had a patch job on that one.

After a nice lunch we went back to our sewing. There was a nice rain going on outside so we had no excuse to leave the machines.  Pat worked on her Dresden plates and I on the Patchwork blocks. Progress was made and then Pat fixed another nice dinner - pork chops and sauerkraut, baked potato and asparagus.

The design was was full as I packed up my machine after a great few days sewing. But alas I must return home - UFO's are awaiting me there.

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