Friday, April 20, 2012

Confused Quilters - Day 2

Last night Pat cooked a great dinner and we did some more sewing before retiring. I had a restless night but it must have been the flu. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

After a restless night [can't imagine why] we did some sewing this morning and had a quick lunch before heading out to shop.

After a brief stop to buy Pat shoes and me a new sweater [Pat's house is freezing] we went to Joann's.  Pat purchased some Kona cotton for another project and I got a box of pencils to do the shading on the flower blocks.

Pat drove us to Maitland [in the pouring rain] to pick up my sewing machine that I had dropped off for repairs.  She looked for some material for a smocking class she is taking to make her granddaughter a dress. I got some extra cuts to for a sand rose quilt I am making for one of my daughters and a few baby prints to include in the quilt for the new grand baby.

We got to looking a diaper patterns to make the new type of waterproof pants and so we went back to Joann's to see what they had.  I found a great sewing chair on clearance that was a must have. It is so comfortable [we both sat and rolled about] and the back just fits so right in the small of the back. I am hopeful that it will help my back in the sewing room.  It is so cute and I love the red.

Don't you like it????

We stopped for coffee and pastry and came to rest before having a wonderful chicken  salad Pat fixed. She is really a great cook.  Now a few more blocks before bed.

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