Thursday, April 19, 2012


Hi!  I'm Pat, guest blogger on Carol's blog today.  Carol is here with me, and we are having a several day sewing retreat at my house.  My DH is out of town, so it's just us.  Today we decided to post on each other's blogs.

Carol, as you know if you follow her blog, is very ambitious.  Her fingers are NEVER still.  She gets LOTS done.  Me?  Not so much.  Hey it's my house, I have dogs to care for, etc.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Carol set up shop in my DH's office.  He's not here, and the desk was almost clear, my studio is small, so....................
But it's just a quick step away to my studio, where we both cut and pressed.  Sharing, who knew?
Carol's progress, this morning.  She's working on Patchwork Party blocks from 2007 and Scrappy Dresden Plates.  Time for lunch!

We decided to go to downtown Winter Garden, to check out a quilt shop and have lunch.  Lunch was first, at the French Bakery, on the patio.  Yum!  Now across the street to the quilt shop.
Here's Carol at the fountain, as we cross the street.  Downtown Winter Garden is cool!
Nancy's Quilt Shop, here we come.  Nancy recently moved to these new digs.  She was formerly allocated space in her family's bowling alley.  While it was unique to go quilt shopping in a bowling alley, her new shop is much nicer!

After shopping we had planned to go back to the bakery for dessert.  However, it was pouring rain when we came out so we just headed to the car, and had coffee back here.

Much more was accomplished this afternoon (more on that, next post).  My design wall is quickly filling up with our progress!

BTW, we also walked 3 miles this morning, so we fit in exercise too!  Perhaps a dip in the hot tub is in order this evening.  We'll see.  Right now we are wine-ding down.  Super day!

Me?  I worked on my Twist n' Stitch quilt.  It's a lot like the Twister ruler, but you can make multiple sizes from one ruler.  I also started my Scrappy Dresden quilt too.  Carol is posting about that (or something) over at my blog:

Check it out!

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