Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Contest

If you have been following my posts you know that I am expecting a new grand baby this summer.  My daughter is eighteen weeks now and at the end of March we will have an ultra sound to determine what the sex is on this new blessing.

I am making two dear Jane quilts - one in civil war fabric and one in for my granddaughter Amber. I realized that I should put a pink and blue block in her scrappy dear Jane.

After I made them I thought why not a contest. So please enter your your vote. After the ultra sound is done I will randomly pick the winner from the right choice entries.  A nice half yard of fabric in the right color.  Please spread the word on your blogs and help me build up my followers.  Thanks you.

Block A - pink if you think its a girl

Block Blue if you think its a boy
Block C if you think the baby will not co operate and  they wont be able to tell.


Snippets of Carol said...

Faye D votes for a boy since she likes the blue block
Barbara B votes for a girl because she likes the pink.
How is that for logic.

Marianne said...

Marianne votes for a girl only because I like that block best! In truth they are all lovely, as your blocks usually are. Good luck to the growing family!

Snippets of Carol said...

Thanks Marianne. Since they have two girls and one boy, the only grand boy, most of us are hoping boy. But healthy is the best.

Pat from Florida said...

I vote a girl, because Melissa has 3 girls and 1 boy, so why not Tracey too!

Unknown said...

Girl! I love the pink block!

Kris said...

Carol - Since you are hoping for a boy, I vote for Block B (as in Boy)!! But I mostly vote for healthy and with all 10 toes and 10 fingers!! :-)) Kris

ZiggysGal said...

I think it will probably wind up being a Block C kind of result... :)

msufans said...

I vote for block A because it is so beautiful. Either way, I am praying your new grandbaby will be a healthy baby.

Snippets of Carol said...

I'm adding comments of people that emailed me that don't have blogs.
Fred says girl
Ruth says boy
all say healthy

Carmela said...

Carol lately all I have heard are little girls being born. So I am going to vote Boy. Here's to a happy and healthy baby regardless. Carmela in PA

Tricia said...

I vote for another girl!!

Julie and Tony said...

I vote for a girl.


quilt happy said...

pink for a girl

Rosa Robichaud said...

I've read your recent posts and you mention 2 granddaughters so I'll assume that you have no Grandsons and "guess" (read: "hope") that it will be a boy! *grin*

Gonna start following you... *s*

And, I'll post your blog contest on FaceBook, as well!

Rosa Robichaud

Tks for the contest!

Frummie said...

We have to marry to bring a boy into the family...LOL!

Love the pink block.

If you are interested, I arrived here thru Rosa's FB page.

Any color, just healthy!


Shirley said...

I believe the baby will be a girl!
My favorite block is C-so beautful! As are the others,