Thursday, March 22, 2012

And the Winner IS

GREEN - The baby would not cooperate and had its little legs crossed very tightly with the cord in between.  So nothing showed no matter what the nurse tried to do to get him or her to move.  So we don't know yet.

Lucky Christine Z from Texas is the winner of the contest for this month.  We will try again next visit to see if this grand baby will let us know.  I think he/she is toying with us since we want to know this time.  Maybe we will have to wait to August and be surprised like the other times.  Tease Tease.

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Pat from Florida said...

Congrats, Christine Z. I'm a little disappointed that we still don't know, as I'd like to stitch up some receiving blankets for this new little Holton. Guess I'll go green and brown, good for boys or girls!