Friday, December 28, 2012


I finished the top of it Just Takes Two before I left NC last week.  Loving the red and white and it is a reminder of the family quilt of my mom's that was lost. I will have to decide on a name for it and how to do the borders.  It was a great mystery follow along quilt to do this past year.

Now another mystery for 2013, the Easy Street Quilt by Bonnie Hunter []. 
 I have the first step four patches done in golds and browns.  Here is my pile.

 A close up [sorry for the blurriness].
 And a view of the twist on the wrong side of block.
Now off to start step 2, am a few weeks behind on these put hope to catch up.


Pat from Florida said...

Your JT2 is beautiful! Will you hand quilt it?

You are ahead of me on Easy Street, as usual, LOL!

Raewyn said...

Well done on finishing "Just Takes Two'!!! It looks great! Mine is in the started phase but I will carry on with it this year.

Marianne said...

Love your JT2 quilt! I started 2012 with great intentions, but ended up sometimes using red and sometimes using blue. So the blocks ended up in different quilts. Still, it has been fun to see other people's finishes.