Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Christmas Trees and Ruffles

When visiting my friend Pat this last weekend we didn't get much sewing done this time but chose other endeavors to occupy our time.

First we bought a quilt puzzle and that kept us up at nights with the world's smallest pieces you could imagine, smaller then a dime.  Very addicting.

Then Pat showed me how to make these Christmas tree ornaments that a friend gave her the pattern. So I have made four now.  Think I will have the grand kids decorate them with some buttons and things.

Then we spent a day looking for yarn and beads for some other projects we are doing. I just love how easy this ruffled scarf is to make and plan to make some for gifts at Christmas time.


Pat from Florida said...

Busy, busy lady! I have my scarf done, and part of a second, but my tree is still just one layer!

Kathleen said...

I just found your blog. Hello Carol, I am from Michigan and although it has been in the nineties most of the week, I know a new scarf will be welcome come late fall. I also loved your tree ideas. Could you share the name of the patterns or the books they came from? Thank you,

Snippets of Carol said...

Kathy, the yarn for the scarf is Pattons Pirouette that you can find at Joanns or Walmart. It takes one package [7.99] for each scarf and is so easy to make. The tree pattern I got from a friend and if you send me your email address will try and scan it and send to you. It is not copywrited just a hand written instruction.

Pat from Florida said...

The scarves were selling for $40 at Tamarak last week.