Friday, April 22, 2011

In Remembrance

I said this would be snippets of me so here is a puzzle that my brother Ray and I put together this last month.  Ray lost his wife last year on April 20th and I finished it on that day this year so there fore in remembrance.  Ray comes down once a week for dinner on Saturdays and to keep him busy we do a puzzle.  It usually takes three or four weeks for the 1000 piece since I don't work on it much when he is not here.
This cat puzzle reminds me of a cat that Tracey had when they lived in Missouri called Maggie. It's uncanny how much they looked alike.

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Pat from FL and MI said...

Carol, this very difficult puzzle turned out nice. Did I mention Tom and I are very proud of our meager contribution of finding 3 pieces between the two of us??? Here's to you and Ray.