Monday, September 9, 2013

Summer Time Gone - Fall is Here

My summer time is gone and I don't know where it went. It was a very busy time for me.

In June, my sisters, Ruth and Linda, and my niece, Amy went on a long road trip out to Texas for my other sister, Joan's anniversary party. Fred and Joan celebrated their 50th anniversary.
I hadn't seen some of the nieces and nephews in years so was a nice reunion with them and seeing how much their children have grown up.  My brother even drove out and so here is a picture of all the siblings. 

After the party we continued our road trip. We managed to do about 13 parks, including the Alamo, Vicksburg, and three presidential library's; Lyndon Johnson and both George H. and George W. Bush.
 At the Alamo
 George H Bush Library, on his birthday celebration day so we got cake and ice cream. this was my favorite library [not the cake stuff but the exhibits].

Maybe I would have been a good president?

Even got to the beach with the McKenney clan in Florida.

Now I suppose I must get back to the quilting stuff.  But I will really miss my Katie this fall.  :(


Pat from Florida and Michigan said...

Beautiful pics. What a fun summer. Glad to see you back blogging.

Hope you'll start sharing your quilt progress here too. I know you have gotten lots accomplished! You always do.

Snippets of Carol said...

Not much done and the quilt room is a mess and the unpacking over the top. Can't think.