Friday, March 1, 2013

MoJo Lost and Found

The last few weeks I lost my MoJo and wasn't sewing much. Of course, since I am the main dish washer in this home and I sliced my sewing finger with a serrated knife last week and couldn't do dishes or sewing, that's my excuse.

So this week I got back my MoJo and have learned to sew without my index finger and got some one else to do do dishes and I actually got some things finished.

One more UFO top to sandwich and bind for my daughter. It is called "Affairs of the Heart". All applique that I have been doing for two years.

So while I couldn't hand sew, I put together some more of the grandmother's garden flowers that I started last year while at my friend Pat's home. I now have 18 of them and will start to sew them down on my dark green fabric. I intend to make a large flower for the center of the quilt.  Another UFO! Alas!  This was supposed to be a year of finishes.

My granddaughter, Amber, helped me turn them and lay out the colors. Each flower has 20 different fabrics in them.  Not sure what color to do for the centers yet.

This is what they looked like on Pat's design wall last year when we had a sewing week.

Then I finished up a My Tweets block. [It's for the birds.]

Now I must really get back to washing those dishes. It is too bad the kids have to go to school.


Pat from Florida said...

Mojo found for sure! Kids doing dishes. What an idea! When we were kids adults didn't do dishes, school or not!

Marianne said...

Carol, I bought the book Affairs of the Heart but when I saw that the blocks were 7", I didn't attempt it. I keep thinking I could take the book to a copy shop and have them blown up. Maybe I'll try one block one of these days and see how I do. Yours is an inspiration!