Friday, October 19, 2012

Row by Row Swap

Yesterday I received back my rows from a friendship group swap that has been working this year. My theme was Owls. Three of my granddaughters like owls in their bedroom so I picked this theme to do a quilt for them.
I did the starter row of three bright owls and sent it around to the next person for them to make a row. Then Linda made lots of tree branches in paper piecing and appliqued little owls in the trees. Angela did the HOOT row, so neat and she put hearts on it for the girls.
Next came Cindy's row with a long branch with cute bright owls that her daughter's designed for me.  My friend Pat did a row with three trees and three little girls under the trees to represent my three granddaughters, reading and using the hula hoop. [does anyone do the hula hoop any more? showing my age here]
Terry did three more owls in my favorite colors and framed them with some bright colored strips.  Her blanket stitch around the tummy's and wings really bring out the stitching. Great job Terry.  The seventh row was by another Cindy and she pieced the blocks in owl fabric.
I am very lucky to have such great friends to do this amazing work on the quilt. Thanks so much.



Pat from Florida said...

The rows look great all put together! It is so exciting when they all come home!

Yes, my FL grands hoola hoop. They used to practice up before going to Disney, as it's one of the fun activities to do while waiting for the parade to start.

Marianne said...

Carol, those rows are adorable!

And yes, people still do hula hoop. They have a bunch at the gym I used to belong to and say that it works to slim the waist. I could never do it when I was 10 and found that I still can't do it.