Friday, September 7, 2012

School and Sewing

My granddaughters started back to school last week and we were happy about it. They were excited to meet their new teachers.

Amber started middle school in sixth grade.

Hannah started third grade.
Hannah also started to put the siggy doll quilt together. Oh my, she had a time arranging and re-arranging them.

First we measured our doll and the bed to see how many rows and columns we needed.
Then it was this way, Oh no, maybe this way.
 But then I like this one over here, but no, this color is wrong, let's move this one here.
 Hum, no, maybe here.  No, over there, but I don't like that one there. Let's move it.
This was the final layout that we sewed together.
Now it will probably be another decision on how to pick out the sashing and binding.  Oh no, then its the back color.  Why does quilting take so long Nana?  Gee, I don't know Hannah!


Mary said...

cute. Looks like it turned out very well.

Pat from Florida said...

Great pictures! I love how you shared the process with Hannah! Hmmm, maybe I should do that, rather than making them up for Christmas. Hmmm!

Enjoy your cruise with your sisters. I know that time with them is very precious to you. And you'll have an exhausting year after that, LOL! Fun, rewarding, but exhausting!