Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Biltmore Girls

Yesterday I met a new friend. One of the gals on my on-line quilt group came to the US from London England to Ashville, NC.  Since I am only fifty miles from there at my daughters I drove in and met her at the Biltmore House.

Tricia is a delightful American/British gal with a cheery personality, dry wit and very knowledgeable in so many areas.  Since she is an Architect I learned a lot during our tour of this lovely and very big home. My bones are still aching from all the stairs and walking we did.
Of course the views were amazing of the countryside, and Tricia missed the golf course and tennis courts that should have been there to make her happy.

But I digress, we started our visit off in the Wine Tasting area since we wanted that before lunch. Tricia is a wine master and now I can swish the wine with ease like a pro. But I swallowed she spit.  Except for the one wine she really liked and we ended up buying that one and having some more at lunch.  It was the Biltmore Sangiovese.  We had a wonderful lunch at the Bistro and learned about each other.

So a very nice day with a new friend and we plan to meet again before she goes back to England.  Or baby arrives.

Oh yeah, this is for my grandson, Timmy the turtle. He likes to spit too.


Pat from Florida said...

Great pictures! Tricia looks much as I expected her to, and you both look wonderful in the pics.

Marianne said...

Oh, I'm envious! I'd like to see the Biltmore AND tour it with Tricia. She looks so mischievous, and I'm glad you had a great time together.