Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Timothy's T-Shirt Quilt

Finally, getting to post my grandson's birthday quilt that I finished last month. Tim don't look, you won't get it until next week when I get to your house.  I have been collecting some of his t-shirts for the last thirteen years. So a new tradition has been born, I make the t-shirt quilt for the 'grands' thirteenth birthdays. Two down and five to go. 

I sashed Tim's in red and my friend, Debbie, embroidered the dates, names and sayings on them. They really make it pot as they are in a bright yellow, one of Tim's favorite colors.  He had so many tee shirts that it made a full size plus quilt so will be ample for his bed.  Below are some of the close-ups of the tees.

And we all should be smiling.


Pat from Florida said...

Nice arrangement!

Sharmayne said...

Great idea = must have taken a lot of collecting over the years.