Monday, December 26, 2011

Special Doll Dresses

Last year I made complete wardrobes for the girls 18" dolls for Christmas. This year a little slower.  I only got two special dresses done and two embroidered pant sets.

Dress in white was made out of my daughter Tracey's high school graduation dress scraps and then the clasp of the jacket was from one of the roses taken off her wedding dress.  It had a beige center flower and she wanted all white ones so they were changed and I have used a lot of the roses on other projects.  Only one made so Tracey's daughters will have to share.

The yellow dress was from scraps of daughter Grace's bridesmaid dress when I made all the dresses for daughter Tracey's wedding.  Think that this is the last of those scraps. So this dress if for her daughters to use on their dolls.

The embroidered pants were done by my niece Susan and then I put the pants and tops together.  I think I need a new sewing embroidery machine Santa.

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Pat from FL and MI said...

Love those special dresses! You could hand-embroider a couple designs on pants. Just a thought..