Thursday, October 13, 2011

EPIC trip

Time has arrived for another Sister Cruise. This year we are flying to Barcelona Spain for a week and then cruising back transatlantic to Miami.  Stops in  Portugal and St Thomas and a total of thirteen days at sea. It will be so relaxing.

We will be sailing on NCL's new ship the Epic.  Each trip the five sisters wear the matching tee shirts each day.  After a day or two we will meet people and they say "there go the sisters" or "what will you be wearing tomorrow?"  This began on our second cruise with one shirt, then a few more, and then we had to keep buying shirts for our fan club.  I think we are up to more than thirty shirts now.  Originally we purchased shirts that had four of something on [ie. four moose, four flowers, etc, for the four of us]. Then we adopted a sister and thus had five of something on them [ie. five bears, five turtles, etc].  Now we are in to bedazzled so I made the Epic shirts for this trip and the eagle is our theme [Mom's family name is Eagle]. Wearing matching shirts helps us to find each other when in a crowd also.

This trip is mixed blessings. My sister Linda won't be going as her husband is undergoing treatment for aggressive throat cancer [doing well with treatments].  Our adopted sister Faye can't go as she is retiring at the end of November and has much to do.  However, my husband Jim is going so the three of us will have a body guard to protect us and keep us on track. LOL.

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